By Sirene / 14th February 2020

New single: ‘I am become death’

We’ve been so excited to show you all this song and music video. We’ve been working hard on both the video and the song and now it’s finally out <3

As always find us on all the Social Media:

By Sirene / 12th February 2020

20 % off everything on our store

We’re celebrating the release of I am become death with 20 % off our merch store. <3 Friday is the last day, so better be quick if you want that hoodie on sale <3!/

By Sirene / 21st January 2020

working harder than ever!

The past few months have been crazy and the next few months will really crazy as well. We are feeling good. We are feeling creative and inspired and we want to work harder than ever for you all to see that your faith in us is well placed.

I can in all honesty say that 2020 is going to be our year.


to be continued…
New music
By Sirene / 14th December 2019

Nevermore finally out

A long time has gone since we released our initial demo of Nevermore. And we know that many of you were sad about us removing it from the streaming services. Since then we have reworked the song to fit into our live set and we decided to re-release it for you guys – and so far your comments and love has been amazing! Thank you so much for listening <3

For now you can find it here:
Spotify: here
Apple: here


As always find us on SoMe:

By Sirene / 9th November 2019

Meet the band: The rhythm guitarist

The beginning

Oh hi! I’m Glen, the rhythm guitarist of the band CRYOSPHERE. I’ve been playing guitar since the age of 12. As a youngling, alot of musical influences were brought onto me be my surroundings, but as I grew older I was in dire need of something more grim, and I sought out the metal. I am completely self taught and I learned the instrument by listening closely to the music and then tried copying each individual note carefully. Later on in my life I discoved the thrill of the theory of music, and taught myself once again.


I’ve been creating music on my own for quite some time now, but now I’m privileged to work with the creation of music in the company of the fellow melodymakers of the band.

originally posted on the 16th of June 2019

By Sirene / 9th November 2019

Meet the band: The bassist

Asger on bass!

Just switched to bass a year ago. I have played guitar from the age of 15 and always loved that, but unfortunately bass players were a tricky unit to hold on to, so I stepped in and fell in love with the sound and science of bass eq, compression, limiting, the amount of distortion in my clean tone and dirty tone.

I am currently just finding my place in the mix and I am finding a good spot beneath and with our rythm guitarist. The synergy between rythm guitar, drums and bass is exciting!


I have been with the band since Sirene formed the band, and our goal has never changed: to create great music and make music a living. On the side I enjoy recording and mixing our songs and my personal goal on that note is to become a professionel producer.


Fortunately both Christopher and Glen are really good at mixing as well and creating tracks on the fly. The three of us creates a strong sound unit.

Also I act as a sound engineer at band practice by patching up cables to our rack units, mixer, in ear monitors and more. I hope by practicing sound engineering, that I get a better understanding about what fixes live issues and solving on-stage problems. We all have multiple jobs in the band and I just love our individual passion and initiative.

Last but not least I am a carpenter by profession and by so I am building odd stage probs for live use. Stay tuned on our social media to see what I am talking about!

originally posted on the 13th of June 2019

By Sirene / 9th November 2019

Meet the band: The screamer

Hi, I’m Anders!


I was in another band with Emil before we both became part of CRYOSPHERE. That band ended up disbanding. In that time Emil had secretly joined CRYOSPHERE without telling me!

However one night in February 2017 Emil calls me and asks me if I was sad he had joined another band without telling me. I was just happy for him, I knew he was great guitar player so his talents shouldn’t go to waste in a band that wasn’t working. He then asked me to come audition as a screamer for the band.

I thought I might as well try it out!

The audition went great and Sirene and the guys were pleased with my performance and asked me to join the band.

The songs I performed were “Laid to Rest” by Lamb of God and “The Lines” by Beartooth.

originally posted on the 13th of June 2019

By Chris / 9th November 2019

Meet the band: The Drummer

My name is Christopher and as of this writing I’m 30 years old and started playing drums when I was 10.

I stopped practicing drums actively by the age of 17 to become a vocalist in a death metal band that split a year later. I gave up on playing in bands by the age of 20.

I joined CRYOSPHERE in August 2018 after they had been looking for a new drummer for some time. Had it not been for my friend to push me to try auditioning for the band I probably never would have played drums again for the rest of my life.

Auditioning for the band

They sent me a demo of the song Wolves & Kings to practice at home. Unfortunately I didn’t have a drumkit so I was learning the song by slapping my thighs and tapping the floor with my feet.

On the day of the audition I sat down in front of a drumkit for the first time in 10 years, hit the sticks 4 times and off we went.

Other facts

I wrote all the code for this website, you can find the source code here

originally posted on the 13th of June 2019

By Chris / 9th November 2019

New website

I spent a lot of time writing a website from scratch with a Golang webserver hosted in a docker container, but this alienated my band members from being able to post and edit the website. So instead I’ve moved us on to WordPress which will hopefully make it much easier for everyone to add updates to the website as needed.

The old blog posts will be posted again!