Meet the band: The bassist

Asger on bass!

Just switched to bass a year ago. I have played guitar from the age of 15 and always loved that, but unfortunately bass players were a tricky unit to hold on to, so I stepped in and fell in love with the sound and science of bass eq, compression, limiting, the amount of distortion in my clean tone and dirty tone.

I am currently just finding my place in the mix and I am finding a good spot beneath and with our rythm guitarist. The synergy between rythm guitar, drums and bass is exciting!


I have been with the band since Sirene formed the band, and our goal has never changed: to create great music and make music a living. On the side I enjoy recording and mixing our songs and my personal goal on that note is to become a professionel producer.


Fortunately both Christopher and Glen are really good at mixing as well and creating tracks on the fly. The three of us creates a strong sound unit.

Also I act as a sound engineer at band practice by patching up cables to our rack units, mixer, in ear monitors and more. I hope by practicing sound engineering, that I get a better understanding about what fixes live issues and solving on-stage problems. We all have multiple jobs in the band and I just love our individual passion and initiative.

Last but not least I am a carpenter by profession and by so I am building odd stage probs for live use. Stay tuned on our social media to see what I am talking about!

originally posted on the 13th of June 2019